Container for file storage

Who doesn’t know it, the own desk resembles a battlefield. Whether personal or work-related file storage is simply a must for tracking certain payments in the past. In addition, you are partly obliged to keep documents for 10 – 15 years. But where to put all the sheets and folders. A container for file storage, is rather unsuitable in its entirety. Due to the sharp temperature fluctuations and the appearance of condensate on their sensitive files, sooner or later leads to massive damage.

A better solution would be Fix Storage’s storage compartments.

Our self-storage center is dry and frost-proof, so it is guaranteed that your stored items will not be damaged. Our storage compartments have a size from 1 m² to 20 m². There is bound to be a suitable file storage facility. However, if you need more space, this is also not a problem. Just talk to us about it, we will surely find a solution.

Do you still have questions regarding storage at Fix Storage? You can reach us at any time at the following phone number:

0160 – 779 14 87

Not only are our storage conditions optimally tailored to their needs, but our rental contracts are also based on the circumstances of the individual. You decide when you want the lease to start, whether at the beginning or end of the month. In addition, day-by-day billing will prevent you from paying for unnecessary idle time. In addition, our cancellation period is only 2 – 4 weeks (depending on the service package) and not the usual three months.

A container for their files? This also works better

As already mentioned, it is important to us that file storage is uncomplicated and convenient for you. Therefore, you get quite a lot of service for their monthly rent.

Transport aids

Use our platform truck or ant free of charge.

Generous opening hours

You can store with us between 6 am – 10 pm.

Free parcel acceptance

We are happy to accept their deliveries and free of charge. Whether daily or weekly deliveries.

Provision of a trailer

Just talk to us about it. We will gladly provide them with the required tarpaulin trailer.

Moving store

With us you get everything needed for accurate storage. From adhesive tape to moving boxes

Help with storage

We will be happy to help you with storage and retrieval if you wish.

File storage, ready, go

With us you can easily sign a rental contract online or on site. Why not visit our online booking portal. Select storage unit and pay directly online.

We look forward to seeing you. Your future file storage near Kaiserslautern