Application examples

Self-storage - More than just a storage room

Self-storage is the problem solver for storing a wide variety of items for a pre-defined period of time in an uncomplicated and secure manner. With self-storage you will find perfect conditions to store your goods dry and according to your needs.

Expand your capacities without the often customer-unfriendly contract modalities of common rental agreements. You pay only for YOUR NEED and not for idle time when you do not use the service at all. See for yourself Fix Storage’s unique self-storage service. Below you will find storage problems that can be solved by  self-storage service.

Tool storage

Our storage units are particularly suitable for commercial customers who want to store expensive machinery or even tools. If a new work order is pending, it is possible to react directly. Thanks to our generous opening hours, you will also not be faced with closed doors. With rolling and lifting carts, you can transport even the heaviest tools quickly and safely to the respective storage compartment. Convince yourself and just drop by.

Seasonal demand

The gelato under the bright sun or the refreshing drink in the beer garden…

Unfortunately, such activities are seasonally limited. The storage of sales stands, beer sets and heaters is often associated with a greater logistical effort. For operators of seasonal products or service, storage presents a greater challenge. We, the company Fix Storage, therefore want to guarantee a stress-free transition into the next sales season through our flexibly usable storage rooms.


You pay only for your actual needs

Short-term leases, so you pay only in the period in which seasonal products are also stored. A 4-week notice period or only a 2-week notice period for our "Rakete" and "Lagerheld" service packages


Anti-freeze protection

Air-conditioned and dry storage conditions, protect your electronic devices, beer sets and equipment from major damage.


Security system

State-of-the-art camera and video surveillance provide the necessary security for your costly treasures.

Moving in together or separation

The apartment has been given notice and full of anticipation you want to move into your first shared apartment with your beloved partner. Disillusionment follows promptly.

The right apartment is not to be found. Rising rents and the compromises in terms of living comfort have been used up. Even in the event of a separation, a temporary solution must usually be found quickly. The household goods of the respective cohabitant must be stored safely and within easy reach. This is where the storage option from Fix Storage comes in handy.

The same, of course, applies to moving in together, as mentioned earlier. Merging two households may create additional storage needs. Come to us and convince yourself of our stock offer.

Store tires

Not only passionate car lovers, cherish and care for their beloved car. Almost all of us have to change our summer or winter tires.

So if you don’t have all-weather tires, have the right tires fitted for the season. Storage in the basement or garage is an obvious solution, but can have far-reaching consequences.

After all, tires are not impervious and the specified service life can be greatly shortened if your tires are not stored properly. Take back your garage and benefit from our optimal storage conditions.

No suitable apartment found

Who does not know it, to find the right apartment, sometimes turns out to be more difficult than initially planned. Rising rents and the growing demand for housing, do not make the situation more pleasant. Therefore, it is often difficult to find a suitable apartment in time.

Anyone who has been given notice of termination quickly finds themselves in an unpleasant situation, because they have to find a suitable apartment within the specified notice period.

You yourself quickly find accommodation with friends or family. However, this does not apply to its own Belongings. Kitchen, sofa and co. need storage until the keys are handed over.

If you can not rely on friends and acquaintances who have a lot of storage capacity, our offer is very convenient for you. With us you can easily store all your household goods.