Our transport services

We know ourselves that transport and store items is often associated with a lot of stress and time. Therefore, we offer our customers the collection of the items to be stored and the subsequent storage in their personal storage compartment as a transport service. In addition to our optimal storage conditions, we also guarantee transparency and fair pricing with regard to the transport service. Of course, you still enjoy the advantages of Fix Storage storage units. You can access your storage compartment at any time between 6:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m..

Transport and warehousing by Fix Storage


Our prices are based on the quantity to be transported. The price per cubic metre varies depending on the prevailing conditions.

Estimation of the transport volume

The delivery rate can be determined by telephone, in writing or by an on-site visit.


The collection and warehousing will be documented in detail and, if desired, confirmed by photographs.

Insurance protection

Your stored items are protected against extensive scenarios.


We attach great importance to punctuality and adherence to the previously discussed specifications.


Your items are properly and professionally secured in the transporter.

What conditions must be met?

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Our conditions for the implementation of a transport service

  • The items to be collected and stored must be ready for transport. This means that decorative items, household items, documents etc. must already be packed in boxes. Individual pieces of furniture can be loaded directly.
  • The transport project can be managed by 2 persons.
  • We track collections within a 100 KM radius. The catchment area is shown in the next section.

We offer our transport service in this catchment area

Request transport now!

Use our practical enquiry form or get competent advice on the following telephone number: 0160 – 779 14 87

Ex: 50 moving boxes, 1 table, 3 armchairs.