What is Selfstorage?

In German-speaking countries, the term self-storage is not yet very familiar. We at Fix Storage would like to bring the storage form closer to people.

Self-storage is a great achievement that originated in the United States in the 60s. It revolutionized the form of storage in terms of easy availability, flexibility of leases, while promising safe storage of a wide variety of items. If you are interested in self-storage, below we present the uncomplicated form of self-storage and what advantages you enjoy with Fix Storage.

Selfstorage - than just a storage place

Your own four walls are bursting at the seams and you need additional storage space to cope with the current situation. However, many do not know that there is a straightforward solution – namely, under the name of self-storage.

In German, the term translates as self-storage. The idea is that an external storage space is made available, thereby significantly increasing the company’s own storage capacity. Depending on the space you need, you can choose different storage sizes in the self-storage center. Even after the contract is signed, the size of the storage unit can be easily changed.

The existing storage facilities are characterized by dry and air-conditioned storage conditions, which allows for damage-free storage of a wide variety of items.

Individual contract design

You decide when and how long you want to rent. Even after the contract has been signed, the term or the required bearing size can be changed without any problems.

Parcel acceptance

Do you receive regular deliveries? No problem, we will accept regular shipments for you at no extra charge and store them in their storage unit if desired.

Warehouse Management

There is always a helping hand on site to assist you in moving your storage compartment in and out. You are also welcome to use our uncomplicated transportation service.