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We at Fix Storage offer storage rooms for rent. You can rent these conveniently online or on site. With your personal PIN code you can enter the warehouse between 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Our service

Your reliable partner for storage in Kaiserslautern, Ramstein and the surrounding area

Parcel acceptance

Free parcel acceptance and delivery address for private and commercial customers

Transport services

We offer a comprehensive collection and storage service. You can find more information in the menu item “Transport service”.


air-conditioned storage area and PIN access control. Generous warehouse opening hours between 6 a.m. - 10 p.m.

Simple contract processing

You can request a rental agreement on site or online.

P.O. Box

For commercial use, we also offer free mailboxes.

Help with storing

We will assist you with storing your items if you wish.

Storage rooms

Our prices

The monthly prices shown are net. For commercial customers, VAT is added. If you are unsure about the right bearing size, you can easily use our Calculator. .

1 m² storage unit
(3 cubic meters)
37 €

The storage capacity corresponds to a 10 m² apartment or 6-10 moving boxes.

2 m² storage unit
(6 cubic meters)
52 €

The storage capacity corresponds to a 20 m² apartment or 35 – 40 moving boxes.

3 m² storage unit
(9 cubic meters)
65 €

The storage capacity corresponds to a 30 m² apartment or 60-70 moving boxes.

4 m² storage unit
76 €

The storage capacity corresponds to a 40 m² apartment or 80-90 moving boxes.

5 m² storage unit
89 €

The storage capacity is equivalent to a 50 m² apartment or 120 moving boxes.

10 m² storage unit
160 €

The storage capacity is equivalent to a 100 m² apartment or 240 moving boxes.

15 m² storage unit
205 €

The storage capacity is equivalent to a 150 m² apartment or 360 moving boxes.


Collection and storage of your items

At Fix Storage, we offer a comprehensive transport service. In addition to transparent pricing, safe transport tailored to the customer’s needs is close to our heart. You can find more information here.

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Questions & Answers

Do you still have questions?

Here is a small excerpt. You can find more info in our FAQs
  • What may be stored?
    No items may be stored that are highly flammable or highly oxidizing. Likewise, the storage of goods that may cause an odor nuisance or emissions that are harmful to health is prohibited. (Non-exhaustive) list of prohibited goods: Damp or wet goods or items, Any items that emit smoke, odor or scent, Food and other perishable goods (susceptible to perishability) unless securely packaged in such a manner as to protect and not attract vermin or generally living creatures of any kind or otherwise constitute a nuisance, flammable or combustible materials or liquids including diesel, gasoline, waste oil, Paints, varnishes and solvents, ...
  • How much may the floor of the storage rooms be loaded?
    You can easily store your belongings with a weight of 500 kg /m².
  • Can you accept mail or merchandise deliveries for me?
    Yes, we are happy to accept packages for our customers, but not in large quantities and only by appointment.
  • Are the storage rooms heated or air-conditioned?
    Yes, the storage compartments are controlled to a constant temperature by a modern air heating system. This prevents damage from condensation and ensures dry storage.

Our partners

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