General questions

  • Who else has access to my storage room besides me?
    No one! Unless it is necessary for legal reasons, then the existing locks are replaced by so-called overlocks. However, this situation is extremely rare and only occurs if, for example, a customer has not paid several quarterly payments.
  • Can I visit the storage compartments before renting?
    Of course! During opening hours, our friendly staff will be happy to show you the respective storage compartments. Feel free to take your time to make a decision.
  • What is self-storage?
    Self-storage (correct English spelling: self storage) means as much as “store yourself”. Other terms are rental storage, rental box, self-storage (center). Self-storage is the self-storage of items by private individuals or companies, in locked, secure, visibly protected and conveniently accessible individual rental units of various ...
  • Are the storage rooms lockable?
    The storage boxes or compartments at Fix Storage are individually lockable and are secured by one of your own padlocks. However, you are also welcome to purchase a lock in our public sale. The following padlocks are suitable: Combination lock Padlock Cylinder head lock

Everything about storage

  • What may be stored?
    No items may be stored that are highly flammable or highly oxidizing. Likewise, the storage of goods that may cause an odor nuisance or emissions that are harmful to health is prohibited. (Non-exhaustive) list of prohibited goods: Damp or wet goods or items, Any items that emit smoke, odor or scent, Food and other perishable goods (susceptible to perishability) unless securely packaged in such a manner as to protect and not attract vermin or generally living creatures of any kind or otherwise constitute a nuisance, flammable or combustible materials or liquids including diesel, gasoline, waste oil, Paints, varnishes and solvents, ...
  • How much may the floor of the storage rooms be loaded?
    You can easily store your belongings with a weight of 500 kg /m².
  • Are the storage rooms heated or air-conditioned?
    Yes, the storage compartments are controlled to a constant temperature by a modern air heating system. This prevents damage from condensation and ensures dry storage.
  • Can you accept mail or merchandise deliveries for me?
    Yes, we are happy to accept packages for our customers, but not in large quantities and only by appointment.

How about the security?

  • Yes, through an all-encompassing camera monitoring system, safe storage is ensured.
    Yes, in every tenancy the stored items must be insured.  The minimum coverage is 4000 € for 5 € per month. Optionally, the sum insured can be increased in 1000 EUR steps for 1,50 € each. However, it could be that your household insurance already ...
  • How do I provide the insurance company with proof of the stored items in the event of a claim?
    Basically, it is recommended to make an exact list of the stored items. It is also recommended to photograph the stored items.
  • Is the plant being monitored?
    Yes, through an all-encompassing camera monitoring system, safe storage is ensured.
  • Is the building locked?
    During opening hours, the building is freely accessible. Outside opening hours, access to your storage unit is guaranteed by a PIN code door system.

What do I have to consider when signing a contract?

  • What documents do I need to bring with me to conclude the contract?
    Please bring a valid identity card or a document identifying yourself. Furthermore, when you move in for the first time, one month’s rent is due, as well as the deposit in the amount of one month’s rent.
  • When will I get my deposit back?
    The deposit shall be returned to the Lessee without interest to a domestic bank account to be designated by the Lessee no later than 30 days after the termination of the lease and the leased property, if there is no damage to the stored property.
  • How to rent a storage compartment?
    Online You can request a rental contract on the website at any time. You will receive the rental agreement by email at short notice. You sign and send back the documents. You will receive your personal code for the entrance gate to the hall. If ...
  • How can I pay?
    We offer the following payment options: debit card credit card paypal bank transfer cash on account
  • What contract details do I need to pay attention to?
    The minimum rental period is 1 month. You have with us a 4 weeks notice period and a daily billing, so you never pay more than necessary. The deposit is the amount of one month’s rent.
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