Small Warehouse

Are you a sales representative or are you looking for a small warehouse to store sales items for your Ebay or Amazon store?

We at Fix Storage have the right solution for you. We offer storage compartments between 3 m² and 20 m². If you need a custom size, this is also no problem. Just talk to us about it. You can adjust your stock size with us even after the contract is signed, so you never pay more than necessary. Our storage units are dry and frost-proof. This is guaranteed by state-of-the-art air conditioning technology. Not only are our warehouse sizes precisely tailored to their needs, but our contract terms are also geared to the individual circumstances of each one. You yourself determine when the respective rental agreement for your small warehouse should begin, whether at the beginning, middle or end of the month. In addition, depending on the service option, the cancellation period is only 2 – 4 weeks and not 3 months as usual.

If you still have questions, you can always reach us at the following phone number:

0160 – 779 14 87

Small warehouse - Fix Storage is your partner

We are the optimal solution for your future warehouse. Namely, we offer a comprehensive service for their monthly rent.

Free use
our transport aids

Use our transport aids such as ant or platform truck.

Attractive service options

Take advantage of free use of our trailers when moving in and out or the shortened notice period.

Free parcel acceptance

Use us as your delivery address – whether daily or weekly deliveries.

Moving store

Here you will find everything needed for accurate storage. From moving boxes to mattress bags.

We look forward to meeting you – your future small warehouse near Kaiserslautern.