Rent Warehouse

Renting a warehouse has never been so easy!

The reasons why you want to rent a warehouse can have different motivations. The opening of their own small online store, storing their tools or the storage of beloved collections. Rent your own small warehouse now at Fix Storage. Namely, we offer storage units between 3 m² and 20 m². There is surely the right size for you. However, if 20 m² of storage space is not enough for you, we can also provide customized offers. Just talk to us about it.

You can also reach us at any time at the following phone number:

0160 – 779 14 87

Our warehouse has a dry and frost-proof climate. This is ensured by a modern heating and ventilation system. In addition to our optimal climatic conditions in the warehouse, we also offer rental contracts, which is adapted to the needs of the individual. You yourself determine when the lease should start, whether this is at the beginning, middle or end of the month. In addition, day-by-day billing ensures that you never pay more than necessary, such as for times when you are not using your storage compartment.

If you no longer need our services, which we would greatly regret, our cancellation period is only 2 – 4 weeks, depending on the service option.

Rent a warehouse - Fix Storage can fit a lot of stuff in it

Not only our storage and contract conditions are unique, but also our additional services do not have to hide. They get a lot of service for their monthly rent.

Free use
our transport aids

Use our transport aids such as ant or platform truck.

Generous warehouse opening hours

You can store with us between 6 am and 10 pm.

Free parcel acceptance

  • Free parcel acceptance for our private and commercial customers. Just specify us as the delivery address.

Provision of a trailer

Our large trailer will facilitate your storage in our warehouse. Just talk to us about it.

Moving store

  • With us you get everything needed for accurate storage. From adhesive tape to mattress bag

Help with storage

We will be happy to help you with storage and retrieval and, of course, free of charge. If desired, we can also store your deliveries on your behalf.

State-of-the-art safety technology

  • High-resolution camera surveillance, PIN access control or alarm protection at night. So nothing can happen here.

And that was just a small sample of our services. You can sign a rental contract with us online at or on site in our office.

We look forward to seeing you – your future warehouse