Rent a container in Kaiserslautern

An established storage option in Germany is the storage of items in so-called storage containers. However, these are more suitable for the storage of furniture, files, tires and other household items. The stored items are often damaged due to highly fluctuating temperature differences and condensation. The varnish from the stored furniture is cracked and the stored documents are soggy and with a jerky movement the paper literally dissolves in her hands. Storage containers are a thing of the past.

We at Fix Storage offer dry and frost-proof storage of your items in our self-storage center.

Our storage compartments have a size from 1 m² to 20 m². Individual sizes can also be arranged upon request. Just talk to us about it, we will surely find a solution.

If you have any questions, you can reach us at the following phone number:

0160 – 779 14 87

Not only our storage units are variable in size, but also our contract conditions are completely based on the needs of each individual. You specify when the lease is to begin. Furthermore, you never pay for unnecessary idle time due to the daily billing. Also, the termination of our contracts is not like usual rental contracts with a 3-month notice period. With us, depending on the service option, you only have to expect a 2 to 4 week notice period. But of course we would welcome you to rent with us on a long-term basis!

If you still have problems to estimate their own space requirements? Just take a look here Place calculator. This gives them an initial assessment of their actual needs and at the same time useful storage tips are reproduced.

We have convinced you that renting storage containers in Kaiserslautern is no longer an option and you are looking for a quick way to expand the desired storage capacity?

Book now!

Then book your desired storage unit online with us now. They only need to enter the bearing size, additional option and their personal data. After the online payment, which is possible by paypal, invoice (payment on site) or online bank transfer, you will receive a rental agreement, terms and conditions and a detailed map of your storage unit.

However, if you first want to find out about the local conditions, this is also no problem at all. Just drop by and see us.

Rent storage container? No I prefer to go to Fix Storage

We know that storing items is probably not one of many people’s favorite activities. Therefore, we would like to make this as uncomplicated as possible for you. You will be amazed what extra services are included in your monthly rent.

Use our transport aids

You can use a platform truck or ant for quick storage with us free of charge.

Attractive service options

Benefit from our service options such as shortened cancellation periods or the free use of our trailers.

Free delivery address

We will gladly accept your daily or weekly deliveries free of charge.

Optimal storage conditionsFrom mattress bags to moving boxes.

Our storage compartments are dry, frost-proof and clean.

Moving store

With us you get everything needed for accurate storage. From moving boxes to mattress bags.

Help with storage

If desired, we will be happy to help you with storage and retrieval, free of charge.

We look forward to seeing you. Say “no” to a storage container and come to Fix Storage near Kaiserslautern today.