Rent basement room

Land is becoming more and more expensive and people are applying for apartments as if it were a casting for the show “Das Supertalent”. Basements become precious living space and your own four walls have too few storage options.

Are you looking for a basement room for rent?

We at Fix Storage offer storage compartments in different sizes. These vary between 3 m² and 20 m². You can also rent larger areas by arrangement. Our storage compartments are characterized by dry and frost-proof storage conditions. Damage to their beloved unique pieces are thus excluded. In general, you should avoid storing furniture in your basement. Constant temperature fluctuations put a lot of stress on the varnish on the particular piece of furniture and, in the worst case, it can crack.

In addition to our warehouse sizes are also our contract terms, adapted to the needs of the individual. You yourself determine when the respective lease should start, not the usual beginning or end of the month. Furthermore, due to the daily billing, you never pay more than necessary or for unnecessary idle times in which you do not use the storage unit at all. In addition, according to service option, you only have a cancellation period of 2 – 4 weeks.

Do you have questions about our storage compartments? no problem, you can reach us at the following phone number:

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Rent basement rooms, that also goes differently

You will be amazed how much you get for your monthly rent. Therefore we would like to present you here a small overview of our services

Optimal storage conditionsFrom mattress bags to moving boxes.

Using the latest technology, we guarantee frost-proof, dry and clean storage conditions.


Benefit from customized service options, such as free use of our trailers or the shortened cancellation period.

Free delivery address

Specify us as the delivery address, we will accept daily or weekly deliveries for you.

Transport trailer

We will be happy to provide you with the trailer you need.

Store for storage needs

Here you can get everything you need for a move or storage. Duct tape, mattress bag or moving boxes

We are happy to help

We will assist you with storage and retrieval, if requested.

Fix Storage - Rent online and store immediately

You can also rent your desired storage size from the comfort of your own home. You specify the respective size, additional service and your personal information. After successful payment by paypal, invoice or bank transfer you will receive a detailed map of the rental unit, rental agreement and terms and conditions.

You still want to find out about the conditions on site beforehand? This is not a problem. We would be pleased to convince you personally of our unique service offer.

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